Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

The posterior tibial tendon is responsible in aiding other ligaments to support the arch within the foot. This tendon runs behind the ankle to the bone inside the middle of the foot.


When this tendon is inflamed or torn, it’s classified as a posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and can no longer provide stability and support for the arch. If the arch begins to flatten, that condition is called an adult acquired flatfoot.

This injury can occur from a fall, a tear due to overuse, or stress from high impact sports such as basketball, tennis or soccer. The impact from the repetition of walking, working, sports, and exercise aggravates the tendon; making it vulnerable to tears. Once the tendon is afflicted, pain is experienced on the inside of the foot. In addition, the area can swell, pain worsens with increased activity, and the heel can shift out of position.

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