Kneecap Injuries & Conditions

Pain around the kneecap, also known as the patella, occurs mostly commonly in adolescents. Patients with this condition often experience pain in the front or underneath the kneecap, though it can also be felt on the sides of the kneecap or the back of the leg.


The pain can be aggravated by sitting for extended periods of time or kneeling, squatting or using stairs. Adolescents can also experience this type of pain as a result of “growing pains,” which is changes in the relationship between the length of the muscles and bones in children. Athletes may feel intense discomfort after participating in sports as this sort of pain is often associated with high activity levels. Sports that require extensive running, jumping or kneeling are more apt to cause kneecap pain. Direct blows to the kneecap can also be a cause of this condition.

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