Iliotibial Band Syndrome (Hip)

The iliotibial band is a strong fibrous ligament that runs tightly from the hip to the shin on the outside of the thigh. The iliotibial band helps move and stabilize the hip and knee. When this ligament becomes inflamed, it is known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Iliotibial Band Syndrome occurs when there is overuse, repetitive flexing and extension as from running.


Iliotibial Band Syndrome is a common problem, particularly in running athletes, and most commonly sustained as a result of overuse. As athletes run or do other strenuous activities involving their legs, the iliotibial band can rub up against the bone and become inflamed. Patients typically experience pain and swelling in the knee. To diagnose this condition, an examination is performed and imaging tests, such as an MRI, may be ordered to view the condition of the ligament.

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