Hip and Pelvic Fractures

Bones in the hip or pelvis are considered fractured when there is either a crack in the bone or a completely broken bone. Typically, a fracture in the hip or pelvis is the result of blunt force trauma to the bone from an event such as a motor vehicle accident or a bad fall.


There are several different types of fractures. Some people experience a stable fracture, where there is only one break in the pelvic ring. Low energy fractures (which are usually the result of disease affecting the bone) often cause stable fractures.

Unstable fractures typically involve two or more breaks in the pelvic ring where the ends of the bones do not line up properly. This type of fracture will likely occur as the result of a high energy fracture (which typically is the result of a car accident, industrial accident or high height fall).

People with a pelvic or hip fracture will feel pain that is often aggravated by moving or walking. They can also develop swelling or bruising in the area. 

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