For many, discovering and avoiding their headache triggers, whether environmental (allergens, bright lights, close vision work) or emotional (stress or tension), can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of chronic headache pain.


Headaches can be caused by many factors including:

• Muscle tension 
• Spasms in the muscles of the neck
• Muscle strain 
• Stress
• Injury

Symptoms often include pain or pressure on the sides, front or back of the head or aching pain in the temples or the back of the head and/or neck.

To aid in the prevention of headaches:

• Reduce stress
• Eat several nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day
• Remain properly hydrated (drink lots of water) 
• Exercise
• Practice good posture (standing and sitting) 
• Reduce eye strain when using a computer – take several breaks from close vision work throughout the day

If headaches occur more than three times in a week, it is advisable to see a physician.

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