Haglund's Disease

The Achilles tendon is in the back of the leg and holds the calf muscles to the foot. The Achilles tendon along with the heel, which is the largest bone in the foot, work together to keep the rest of the body stable, absorb shock from walking or running, and most of all allow the flexibility of motion altogether. When a large lump develops on the back of the heel, underneath the tendon, it is called Haglund’s syndrome (deformity).


The bump is created from friction caused when shoes rub against the tendon. It can also be the result of degeneration of the tendon from pressure. It is important to know though, that the lump is simply an inflammation around the tendon. 

Symptoms that define this syndrome are usually a noticeable lump on the back of the heel as well as pain in the area of the Achilles tendon accompanied by redness or sensitivity in that area. 

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