Discoid Meniscus

The meniscus is a pad like piece of cartilage which sits between the thigh and shin bone (the femur and tibia). It acts as a cushion protecting the bones during movement and acts as a shock absorber. The knee joint has two menisci – the medial meniscus on the inside of the knee and the lateral meniscus on the outside of the knee.


In a healthy knee the menisci are shaped like a crescent. However, some patients may have a variant discoid meniscus which is thicker than normal and will typically be oval or disc-shaped. A discoid meniscus can be more prone to injury due to its abnormal shape and have an increased likelihood of becoming struck in the knee. In general, meniscus tears do not heal because there is a lack of a strong blood supply to the area causing an absence of nutrients needed for healing.

Symptoms of discoid meniscus may include, pain, stiffness, swelling, a popping or locking of the knee and the inability to fully extend the knee.

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