Concussion Management Program

St. Charles Hospital's ThinkSMART!™ Concussion Management Program includes concussion education, baseline testing and concussion treatment services for student athletes and individuals who have sustained, or are at risk of concussion, a common but serious traumatic brain injury.


The program ties together St. Charles Hospital’s expertise in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries and utilizes cutting-edge neurocognitive technology to help ensure the safety and health of Long Island’s youth.

St. Charles established ThinkSMART!™ in August 2010 in response to an identified community health need. Today, more than 3,000 students are treated annually by ThinkSMART!™ physicians and more than 45 Long Island school district participate in the program.

For more information about the ThinkSMART!™ program or to make appointment at St. Charles Hospital's Concussion Managment Center, call (631) 474-6797. 

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