East Setauket – Caring Suite MRI

At St. Charles Orthopedics, we believe that creating the best patient experience possible is as important as the care and treatments we provide.

That’s why we’ve invested in the new GE® Optima MRI Caring Suite. The wide-bore design with Silent Scan Technology gives you an unconfined, comfortable experience while your technician is able to see and hear you the entire time.

The MRI Caring Suite offers patients the ability to undergo feet-first scanning without feeling confined. Patients are even able to control the environment choosing the color, music, and scenery displayed on your overhead monitor. Imagine visiting a tropical island while getting your MRI!

The GE® Optima MRI Caring Suite is the best in MRI technology and comfort, which is exactly why we’ve brought it into our vast range of service offerings.

The Caring Suite will enable patients to partner with our technologists to create a personalized experience during their MRI, which ultimately will give the patient ease and peace of mind during the procedure.

Watch the video below for more information:

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