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I’m committed to play lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University when I graduate high school. This past spring I turned my ankle the second week of practice. On a recommendation, my Dad took me to St. Charles where Kaan, the lead sports physical therapist, saw me within an hour of my injury.

I’ve been involved with hockey since I was a kid – as both a player and as a coach. About four years ago, the wear and tear caught up with me and I needed several surgeries on my knees. Ultimately, I ended up having a total joint replacement on my right knee.

Peru was magnificent, but neither of us could enjoy this city the way we enjoyed Rome and Bologna. The walking this trip required was no longer possible. Tina and I were suffering with back pain for a few years, and just as we were about to enjoy the best adventures of our lives, we thought our traveling days would be over.

When I retired I was looking forward to my new found freedom and doing the things I love, like golfing. But five years ago, I thought I was going to have to hang up my clubs when my shoulder started hurting.

When I was training one day, I had this strange feeling in my knee; a feeling I never had before. I figured I pulled something but didn’t think it was a big deal. When I tried to kick and couldn’t, I realized I was in trouble.

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