NFL Chargers tight end, Ladarius Green recently suffered his second concussion

Green was forced to remain out of play for week three of the NFL season, displaying concussion symptoms during practices the week prior.

“Injuries are a major source of frustration for players at all levels of sport. Concussions, most specifically, rank high on that list. Given that you can’t see the damage at first glance or with a CT scan or MRI, it is often second-guessed and sometimes even dismissed.”

In regards to Green sustaining multiple concussions, Dr. DeGiorgio says, “Although unfortunate for Green, it is encouraging that the NFL is not completely ignoring the problem. The question is whether they let him back too soon after his injury during practice, predisposing him to a second brain injury with lesser of a blow during the game? There is evidence that patients with a history of concussion are inclined to sustaining another, but if he had gone back a day earlier or a week later, would we still be in this same situation? The ambiguity is a point of frustration for all involved; doctors, players and coaches alike. Given the individuality of each concussion, there is no “one size fits all” answer. As we press on in an effort to create the most efficient concussion management and treatment regimens, a clear marker of healing and recovery would be extraordinarily helpful. We just need to find it.”


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