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The use, misuse, and abuse of opioid drugs is reaching epidemic proportions and have become a cause for much concern in the sports medicine community. According to Dr. Sileo, “The incidence of opioid use and dependence has increased exponentially among the general and athletic population alike.” Prescriptions for narcotic pain medications have increased over the past few years for both professional and nonprofessional athletes, and there has also been an increase in addiction and overdose-related deaths. Also of note, these drugs are being shared by teammates, coaches, and family members.

As warm breezes give way to brisk winds, and summer’s rich, green landscapes are miraculously transformed into autumn’s most beautiful palette of amber and vermillion, there comes the realization there’s a physical price to pay for the oohs and aahs of leaf watching. It happens quickly… when the elms, oaks and maples grow tired of the foliage burden, and deposit their sea of color all over your yard.

Does Compression Sportswear Actually Work?

Ever notice those pro athletes wearing one long sleeve? Compression garments are super-tight garments used in an effort to boost an athlete’s performance and recovery. These garments also tend to claim that they will make you feel better, reduce pain, and give you added strength and vigor.

Running is a great cardio exercise - great for strengthening your heart and lungs as well as improving your balance, endurance, and overall health. But like all exercise, if done incorrectly it can cause some serious injury.

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