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Only apes and primates are capable of grasping objects. The grasp is made possible by the opposable thumb, named because it moves “opposite” to the rest of your fingers. Try this little exercise – tape your thumb into your palm, then try to tie your shoes. How about buttoning your pants? Not so easy is it?

Whether it be academics, the arts, or sports, we all want our children to succeed, but just how hard should we push our kids? Supporting your child at their sport is important, as it can help encourage them to keep at it. However, at what point is it considered too much where it starts to have a negative effect?

Dr. DeGiorgio notes “Sports can provide an amazing bond between a child and their parent. Some of my fondest memories growing up ​were shared with my family on an athletic field. ​​ It's important for the parent to be a supportive figure in their child's athletic journey.”

Trigger finger is a painful condition many people suffer from. Symptoms can include stiffness of the finger, a popping or clicking when it is moved and tenderness and pain in the knuckle.

Some patients may want to try varying approaches in aiding the pain associated with trigger finger like self-massage and finger and hand exercises. Dr. Christoforou says of this, "Although finger and hand exercises are helpful in obtaining range of motion and flexibility, they have not been shown to cure trigger fingers."

When it comes to concussions, the expression “mind over matter” has never been more literal. In order to give the brain proper time to heal, it needs to be prioritized over all else. When it is, the brain is usually capable of nursing itself to a full recovery; however, if the brain is exposed to repeated trauma, those efforts can be decreased. As a result, it is essential to understand that the recovery period should be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Female athletes are at a higher risk for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries than male athletes. Recent studies have even shown that female athletes can have up to three times a greater risk of ACL tears while playing soccer. This can be attributed to landing positions for female athletes, which create a tendency for a differing knee position than male athletes. 

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