Joint pain can put the damper on a beautiful spring day! Are you missing out on the things you love to do because of pain? While some pain can be due to a sprain or strain and will go away if you sit it out for a bit, often joint pain, stiffness and swelling are a result of a degenerative disease like arthritis, which won’t just go away and which, if left untreated, could have you sitting it out permanently.

According to Newsday, for the first time this spring, women lacrosse players have the option to wear standardized lacrosse-specific helmets. Approximately seven Long Island high schools have decided to make helmets mandatory, but many schools, like Great Neck, are purchasing the helmets and allowing the players to decide whether they want to wear them, or not.

It may seem like a good idea to just walk it off when you get hurt in the game, but there is definitely no gain when the pain results in a sports injury. While some injuries, known as “acute” injuries, will clearly bench a player at the time they are received, others are less obvious. These subtle injuries, when left unaddressed, will continually worsen during play, leading to further damage later in time. They are called “overuse” injuries

If you experience any kind of pain during the game, our doctors caution you – NEVER just play through

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