Joint & Mobility Training Recommended for Basketball Players

With basketball season quickly approaching, joint and mobility training is recommended for athletes to prepare themselves for the strain this sport places on their bodies.

“As my favorite season of the year approaches, we need to do all we can to keep our basketball athletes healthy and strong,” says Dr. DeGiorgio. “Ankle and knee injuries are by far the most common injuries which plague our athletes.”

Adding stretching and strengthening exercises to the training program will aid in protecting the ankles of athletes. An article found on the online publication Stack discusses various strengthening and stretching exercises that can be done by athletes to protect their ankles and help to eliminate pain. Some of the recommended exercises and stretches include focus on ankle mobilization, calf and quad stretches and hip flexibility and mobility.

Dr. DeGiorgio says of the article, “These basic stretches in combination with core/lower extremity strengthening and agility drills, will decrease the rate of injury and improve movement patterns.”

To read the article in full, click here. 


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