Avascular Necrosis (Hip)

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  • Surgical Treatment

Avascular Necrosis (AVN) or Osteonecrosis, is a bone condition where the bone “dies” due to a loss of circulation to a particular area of the bone tissue. In extreme cases, Avascular Necrosis can cause a segment of bone to collapse and can lead to rapidly progressing osteoarthritis.

Although the cause of Avascular necrosis is frequently unknown, it can be caused by trauma, steroid use, excessive alcohol consumption, and bleeding disorders. This condition can occur as the result of an injury if the injury interrupts the blood supply to the bone tissue. In the event that Avascular Necrosis occurs due to injury in the hip, it is typically the result of a fracture of the upper femur.

Conservative (Non - Surgical) Treatment

When Avascular Necrosis occurs in the hip, early treatment is important to prevent future disability. The goal of treatment is to prevent the collapse of the joint’s surface.

Our Physicians whom specialize in conditions of the hip

If arthritis progresses, joint replacement surgery, such as hip replacement may be the necessary course of treatment.

Our Physicians whom specialize in conditions of the hip

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