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Flat foot is a deformity that is the result of a failure of bones to separate during growth. This deformity is characterized when the arch within the foot is flat, causing the sole to have direct contact with the floor when standing. It is typically a genetic deformity but can be the result of an injury; in which case the tendon located in the ankle is either inflamed, overstretched or torn.

Flatfoot is generally a painless condition but can create problems in other areas of the foot. The ankle can protrude outward, misshaping the alignment of the legs. Flatfoot can cause foot pain either in the heel or the arch which worsens with escalated activity. Flatfoot is typical in infants or toddlers since their bodies are not yet fully developed however, arches can also fall over time due to years of basic wear and tear.

Treatment is not often necessary for flat feet since pain is not typically a factor.  Should pain occur, there are home remedies that can be used to help reduce pain. The addition of arch support in shoes helps to restore the arch that has fallen and relieve pain. Exercises to stretch the tendon which supports the arch can be done and supportive shoes can be worn to help reestablish the arch that has fallen.

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If conservative measures do not relieve pain, then the patient should have an evaluation by a foot and ankle specialist. There may be surgical procedures that could address the pain.

Our Physicians whom specialize in conditions of the foot and ankle

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