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The ankle is the joint between the foot and leg which allows downward and upward motion. The joint is comprised of two bones in the lower leg and an ankle bone which are held together by ligaments located both outside and inside the joint. When the ligaments surrounding the joint stretch or tear, it is commonly known as an ankle sprain.

Ankle sprains occur more often with athletes as a result of sports activity. However, they can also occur by simply walking on an uneven surface. An uneven surface causes the foot to roll over, stretching the ligaments beyond its limits and creating a sharp pain. It is more common for the injury to occur on the outside of the ankle causing ankle instability, swelling, bruising, stiffness and tenderness when touched.

Most ankle sprains are minor injuries and can be remedied with home treatments. A simple application of ice, rest, compression by wrapping, and elevation of the ankle can aid the healing process. The use of crutches is recommended to keep weight off the injury, and to hinder any prolonged presence of swelling and pain. Immobilization can also be used for additional support and to keep the ankle from experiencing any sudden movements.

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It is rare that a sprained ankle needs a surgical intervention. However, if the injury does not respond to conservative treatment an orthopedic surgeon may perform an arthroscopy, which includes the use of a small camera and miniature instruments to remove any loose fragments that could prevent the joint from healing. For more serious injuries, ankle reconstruction may be performed which involves repairing the torn ligaments.

Our Physicians whom specialize in conditions of the foot and ankle

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