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  • Pain has met its match

    We've put together a team that combines the best and brightest of orthopedic subspecialty medicine with experts at St. Charles Rehabilitation

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  • MRI Caring Suite
    at St. Charles Orthopedics

    St. Charles Orthopedics would like to present the new GE® Optima MRI Caring Suite. The wide-bore design with Silent Scan Technology gives you an unconfined, comfortable experience while your technician is able to see and hear you the entire time.

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  • Shoulder Specialists

    Let our talented physicians take a look at your shoulder pain. They'll get your golf swing, or any other activity back in motion!

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  • Pediatric Orthopedics

    If your child was injured playing sports, or just playing around, our pediatric experts will take care of them.

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  • Sports Medicine Walk in Clinic

    St. Charles Orthopedics will continue to provide immediate medical access for ATHLETES IN SEASON with sports - related musculoskeletal injuries. Monday through Thursday 4PM - 6PM. No Appointment necessary.

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